In this blog we will be exploring the various hardware requirements for VFX and how to pick the right EK Fluid Works workstation for the job.Read More
We explore the different cooling solutions in use by modern HPC facilities and data centres. Find out what it takes to keep these behemoths cool.Read More
Our Strictly Fluid Works series explains how professional workstations are raising the bar across industries, ours included.Read More
Advancements in computing technology are pushing the limits of performance and productivity in the visual effects industry. We hosted members of the Hollywood VFX community at our exclusive EK Fluid Works Open House event in California.Read More
EK®, the leading computer liquid cooling solutions provider, is happy to announce its participation in this year’s Adobe MAX, the global virtual conference about everything creative.Read More
EK®, the leading premium liquid cooling manufacturer, will have a physical booth presence at the event to present its portfolio of custom loop components, AIO (all-in-one) solutions, professional workstations, and pre-built gaming PCs.Read More


8/20/2021 4:18 PM

The default, and usually only, factory provided option for many professional grade PC components is air-cooling. That is the cheapest and easiest form of cooling for any piece of hardware, as it requires relatively little engineering and it uses readily available materials and components like aluminum fin-stacks, copper heat pipes, and fan heatsinks.Read More
EK®, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is introducing 2 new variations of the X7000 workstation: the X7000-C and the X7000-RM.Read More
Pushing the boundaries of computing performance and thermal management in a desktop form factor, EK today introduced EK Fluid Works workstations, a complete line of top-tier, fully liquid-cooled professional workstations for the most intensive professional visualization rendering, data science, and deep learning workloads.Read More

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