EK Fluid Works X7000-RM: The Ultimate GPU-Dense Rackmount Server

Providing remarkable GPU density, top-tier liquid cooling, high scalability, and unparalleled computing potential – the EK Fluid Works X7000-RM Rackmount Server is geared toward Data Scientists, Research Scientists/Engineers, HPC Specialists, and Data Center Managers alike. Tailor-made to meet and exceed the rigorous performance requirements of AI, ML, Deep Learning, Scientific Computing, and Data Analytics.

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The EK Water-Cooled Beast of a Server

If you want extreme machine learning performance and to experience frames per second rendering in programs such as RedShift while keeping your hardware cool no matter the workload, look no further than the EK Fluid Works X7000-RM.

“It is freaking fast! Multi-minute benchmarks on powerful machines, takes seconds to complete!”
- Linus Tech Tips

“The fastest AMD EPYC Milan processors that have ever gone in V-Ray, and that comes down to cooling.”
- Linus Tech Tips

X7000-RM Configuration Options

EKFW X7000-RM Rackmount GPU Server

from $18.524,00

  • CPU Options
  • 2nd & 3rd Gen AMD® EPYC™ CPUs
  • GPU Options
  • Server-grade GPUs
  • Memory
  • 128GB to 2TB ECC Memory

  • Chassis
  • 5U rackmount EK/xenowulf custom design
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Professional-Grade
  • Liquid-Cooled CPU
  • Liquid-Cooled GPUs
  • Quick Disconnect Couplings (QDC) for expandability
  • Storage
  • 1x NVMe M.2 SSD
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X7000-RM Rackmount GPU Server: Part of Your Data Center's Next Upgrade Cycle

The EK Fluid Works Rackmount Servers have been meticulously engineered to have reliability, performance, and flexibility at their core. Thanks to their advanced liquid-cooling solution, they can perform demanding calculations for extended periods without any drop in performance.

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    Self-Contained Liquid Cooling

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    Modular Liquid Cooling Unit

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    Easy Compute Capacity Expansion

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    High Reliability

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    Advanced Remote Monitoring

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Discover All the Benefits of Liquid Cooling in Modern Data Center Facilities

Download our white paper to gain actionable, research-backed insights and learn how the EK Fluid Works X7000-RM can help you bridge the gap between air and liquid cooling with all the benefits and little to no drawbacks.

EK Fluid Works Compute Rackmount Serveer feature triple 360mm radiators and 6 server-grade fans for cool and reliable operation.

Reliably Low Operating Temperatures No Matter the Workload

The X7000-RM model features triple 360mm high-efficiency radiators with 6 server-grade fans capable of dissipating an incredible amount of heat generated by these top-tier configurations.

High-quality, dripless CPC Quick Disconnect Couplings for quick and easy upgrades and servicing of any of the 7 GPUs in the server.

Industrial-Grade QDC for Optimal Flexibility

High-quality, dripless CPC Quick Disconnect Couplings for quick and easy upgrades and servicing of any of the 7 GPUs in this GPU server.

A top-of-the-line Compute Series X7000-RM server configuration with 7 liquid-cooled GPUs.

Unrivaled Compute Density

A top-of-the-line X7000-RM server configuration with 7 liquid-cooled GPUs.

EK Fluid Works Compute Series Rackmount Server custom fan and pump controller with remote access features providing the optimal balance of cooling and noise.

AI-Controlled Subsystems

Effectively setting up and controlling the various fans, pumps, and subsystems of a server can be a daunting task. That is why we have created a custom controller capable of adjusting the fan and pump curves on the fly for a perfect balance of noise and performance.

EK Fluid Works Compute Series Rackmount Server liquid-cooling module as a separate self-contained unit.

Easy Maintenance

The top priority is ensuring that the liquid cooling loop is operational at all times. Besides the redundant pumps, the entire liquid-cooling module can be disconnected from the chassis for maintenance or quickly and easily replaced with a fresh one.

EK Fluid Works Compute series workstation brushed aluminum reservoir with fill level indicator for easy maintenance and servicing.

Comprehensive Remote Testing

We strive to achieve a seamless plug-and-play experience for our end users, with all potential compatibility issues and troubleshooting resolved at our facilities before shipping.


Use our intuitive workstation configurator to customize your scalable, parallel computing GPU-dense server according to your unique workload and workflow preferences.

If you need extra help, our liquid cooling experts are always happy to lend a hand.

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FAQ for EK Fluid Works X7000-RM Rackmount Server

  • What are the benefits of liquid cooling?

    Liquid cooling has many benefits with little to no drawbacks. It is substantially more efficient than air, allowing for higher component density. The improved cooling efficiency enables the CPU and GPUs to operate for extended periods at peak frequency, getting more work done in less time.

    For more information, visit the “Why Liquid Cooling” page to explore the finer details of water-cooling benefits.

  • Is X7000-RM suitable for my workflow?

    EK Fluid Works X7000-RM Rackmount Servers are highly customizable and can be adapted to suit your particular workflow and tasks. They can be loaded with very high core count CPUs like the AMD Epyc 7713P, 2TB of ECC/REG DDR4 RAM, and up to seven server-grade GPUs (7x A100 possible). You won’t find them lacking computational horsepower, and all are kept at optimal operating temperatures thanks to EK's industry-acclaimed liquid cooling.

  • What are the upgrade paths?

    You don't have to go for all the bells and whistles from the get-go. You can purchase a configuration upgrade at a later date. We provide pre-assembled, pre-filled, plug & play GPUs thanks to our industrial-grade dripless QDC. You can easily increase the computational and visualization power of your EK Fluid Works workstations as your workload expands.

  • In the event of a component failure, how would the servicing be performed?

    In the unlikely event that one of the GPUs fails, it can be easily replaced with a pre-assembled and pre-filled GPU. You would simply disconnect the dripless QDC, remove the faulty GPU, insert the replacement GPU and reconnect the tubing. It is a straightforward and hassle-free affair.

    If there are any issues with the liquid cooling system, the entire liquid cooling module can be disconnected from the rest of the chassis and replaced with a fresh one within minutes, minimizing any potential downtime.

  • Is liquid cooling safe and reliable?

    All the components and materials used in constructing our EK Fluid Works cooling systems are of the highest quality. All the tubing is made of automotive-grade EPDM resistant to considerably higher temperatures and degradation than it will ever experience in a desktop computer environment.

    Premium gaskets and high-purity aluminum are utilized to manufacture all the water blocks to ensure a long and leak-free service life.

  • What systems are redundant?

    Industry-proven redundant Xylem D5 pumps are entrusted with pumping the coolant to all the vital components of the liquid cooling loop. Each Rackmount Server is equipped with two Xylem D5 pumps to ensure a constant flow of coolant if one of them fails.

    The servers are further supported by 3+1 80Plus Gold-rated, server-grade power supply units. They are constant-power, balanced load-sharing, and hot-swappable units. The server can suffer a complete failure of one of the PSUs and continue functioning nominally.

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