Why Liquid-Cooling

EK’s advanced liquid-cooling systems and technology lie at the heart of every Fluid Works workstation and server. They provide extraordinary cooling performance with minimal noise, unlocking the hardware’s full potential for maximum time saving and productivity!

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The Future Is Liquid Cooled

Modern and powerful CPUs and GPUs feature immense transistor densities, high boost clocks, and extreme performance capabilities. The trade-offs, however, include equally high-power draws and tight temperature tolerances for achieving optimal results. 

Liquid-cooling, also known as water-cooling, possesses the necessary cooling capabilities to: 

  • Efficiently handle current and all future CPU, GPU, and FPGA architectures 
  • Provide the optimal noise-to-performance balance 
  • Achieve the highest performance numbers the hardware is capable of  
  • Handle power draws of over 500W per component 
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Two Compute Series Fully-liquid cooled worsktations

Full Workstation Performance on Tap, at All Times

No more slowdowns, crashing, and thermal throttling caused by your workstation’s inadequate cooling systems. Liquid-cooling can support the full performance and capabilities of any CPU and GPU configuration operating at 100% of its output 24/7.

And the benefits don’t end there. Thanks to the complex boost algorithms deployed by AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, coupled with low operating temperatures provided by liquid-cooling, the performance of a CPU or GPU can always scale beyond factory specifications. This enables the user to experience overall performance and time-saving boosts ranging from 6% to 20%

Component Avg.
Liquid cooled Workstation
Air cooled Workstation
Overall Workstation
Liquid cooled Workstation
Air cooled Workstation
Power Usage
Liquid cooled Workstation
Air cooled Workstation


EK Fluid Works Studio Series S5000 Specifications: AMD Threadripper 3990X, 64GB DDR4 3200MHz, ASRock TRX40 Creator, 2 x Zotac RTX 3090. The air-cooled system was similarly specced with the factory air cooler for the GPU, Noctua air cooler for the CPU and EK Vardar 120mm fans for case ventilation.

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Air-Cooled PC
EK Fluid Works workstation *
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Low Noise Pollution and Even Lower Temperatures

One of the key liquid-cooling advantages is the incredible reduction in fan noise while retaining all of the performance benefits. Due to water’s tremendous heat capacity and transfer efficiency, bigger radiators and fans can be utilized to provide a perceived 2X reduction in noise output.

Our systems provide ultra-low temperatures, and to put our money where our mouth is, we have the benchmark data to prove it! An EK Fluid Works workstation, fully equipped with multiple GPUs, AMD Epyc 64 core CPU, and heavily loaded with a high-intensity 48-hour rendering, achieved 28°C lower core temperatures than its air-cooled counterpart.

* EK Fluid Works Compute Series X5000 Specifications: AMD Threadripper 3960X, 64GB DDR4 3200MHz, ASRock TRX40 Creator, 4 x Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000. The air-cooled system was similarly specced with the factory air cooler for the GPU, Noctua air cooler for the CPU and EK Vardar 120mm fans for case ventilation. The idle noise level for both systems was 45dBA. Noise testing was performed according to ISO13347 standard in the Hidria acoustics testing laboratory.

Safe, Reliable, and Upgradable

For many years, reliability, complexity, and the fear of leakage have been major concerns of professionals who want to utilize the supremacy of liquid-cooling. EK Fluid Works workstations have been designed to eliminate these concerns precisely.

  • Redundant, high-quality pumps ensure that if one pump fails, there will always be another to circulate the coolant and prevent overheating. 
  • High-quality gaskets, O-rings, and durable tubing effectively eliminate the possibility of leaks occurring and minimize coolant evaporation during extended heavy-load operations. 
  • Industrial-grade Quick Disconnect Couplings (QDC) (link to an article when we have it) allow hassle-free expandability and maintenance without any risk of drips or spillage. 
  • Due to slower running fans and more efficient dust filters, dust ingress is slowed down while cleaning-induced service downtime is reduced.
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