EK Company History

Founded in 2003, EK® was an early pioneer in computer liquid cooling. The EK brand quickly became synonymous with innovative product design, quality engineering, premium aesthetics and is now recognized as a leader in thermal management solutions.

Today, our vision is to elevate computers… To unleash the capability of technology across different industries by mitigating the impact of heat – the single most crippling byproduct of computing technology.


20 Years of Leadership in Thermal Balancing


Edvard König designed and machined his first water block prototypes EK-1, EK-2, and EK-3.


EK grows fast and is the first on the market to provide a complete set of components for custom loop liquid cooling.


EK enters the enterprise server market with the world's first water cooling solutions for NVIDIA® Quadro and Tesla series graphics and compute cards.


EK launches its first AIO liquid cooling unit, setting a higher standard for performance and expandability while enabling pre-filling service of EK GPU water block add-ons.


EK launches the Quantum line along with a new line of pre-built fully liquid-cooled gaming PCs named EK Fluid Gaming.


EK teams up with the tech industry's biggest names – NVIDIA®, AMD®, and Intel® to deliver new and innovative cooling solutions. The same year, EK launches Fluid Works – a brand new line of fully liquid-cooled, user-expandable professional workstations.

In-House Expertise

At EK, we have one of the biggest in-house thermal balancing research and development teams in the world. Thermal engineers, industrial designers, graphic designers, marketing and branding specialists, production managers… All working as a team to develop thermal solutions that provide an exceptional user experience. We’re ready to push the limits of performance not only in the PC industry but far beyond.

Introducing EK Fluid Works

No other vendor is better positioned than EK to bring liquid cooling and thermal management to the professional workstation market.

Thermal fluctuation, fatigue, and performance throttling are all critical factors that restrict the potential of today’s high-performance professional computers. Liquid cooling is proven to be the most effective and most reliable method of mitigating the effects of heat on computer components.

With that in mind, EK has introduced EK Fluid Works – a complete line of fully liquid-cooled, multi-GPU, high-performance workstations for the professional render and computing industries.

Partnerships in Technology

EK has become a trusted expert and partner for many of the industry’s top names and different computer technology brands. In collaboration with many partner companies, we co-design, co-develop, and co-brand solutions that push performance boundaries through liquid cooling.

The possibilities for liquid cooling are endless. We are also partnering with leading automotive and autonomous delivery vehicle manufacturers, bringing our expertise in liquid cooling and thermal management to new and growing markets across various industries.