EK® Fluid Works, a high-performance workstation manufacturer, is expanding its Compute Series with a rackmount liquid-cooled GPU server, the X7000-RM. The EK Fluid Works Compute Series X7000-RM is tailor-made for high-compute density applications such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, rendering farms, and scientific compute simulations.

EK Fluid Works Compute Series X7000-RM front mesh and I/O

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Extreme Compute Density and Performance

What separates the X7000-RM from similar GPU server solutions is EK’s renowned liquid cooling and high compute density. It offers 175% more GPU computational power than air-cooled servers of similar size while maintaining 100% of its performance output no matter the intensity or duration of the task.

Top-downview of the EK Fluid Works X7000-RM with 7 NVIDIA A100 GPUs

The standard X7000-RM 5U chassis can be equipped with an AMD EPYC™ Milan-X 64 Core CPU, up to 2TB of DDR RAM, and up to seven NVIDIA A100 80GB GPUs for the ultimate heavy-duty GPU computational power. Intel® Xeon® Scalable single and dual socket solutions are also possible, but such configurations are limited to a maximum of five GPUs.

The EK Fluid Works AMD TR4 CPU water block inside the X7000-RM

Each CPU and GPU is fitted with a custom-designed rack-compatible water block. These EK rack water blocks feature rear-facing G1/4” ports for more effortless connectivity with the manifold and additional screw holes for mounting to the reinforcing bracket, keeping the GPUs securely in place during transport.

EK Fluid Works Compute Series X7000-RM front and side view

Self-Contained Liquid Cooling System

The self-contained liquid cooling setup was designed with easy servicing in mind.Removing a few screws from the side allows the entire subassembly - fans, radiators, manifold, and pumps - to be promptly detached and replaced.In case of a single component failure, EK’s high-grade CPC QDCs (quick disconnect couplings) enable a lightning-fast replacement without draining or refilling the liquid cooling loop. The self-contained nature of the X7000-RM makes it ideal for drop-in replacements in aging air-cooled servers without the need to introduce facility water infrastructure.

EK Fluid Works AMD CPU and NVIDIAGPU water blocks with metal hose clamps

Unquestionable Reliability

No corners were cut when selecting the components and materials that go into the construction of X7000-RM. From the automotive grade EPDM tubing to the redundant PSUs and highly reliable pumps, nothing was allowed to compromise the functionality and reliability of the system. The triple 360mm radiator setup ensures optimal coolant and component temperatures, even in higher ambient temperature conditions, with the whole system being considerably quieter than a standard air-cooled server solution. The entirewater coolingloop is monitored and controlled by an AI-enhanced control system, providing an optimal balance of cooling and noise generation at all times while being able to remotely notify the manager or user of any potential system failure or issue.

EK Fluid Works smart pump and fancontroler

Cool, Quiet, Power Efficient

By liquid-cooling all major heat-generating components, EK Fluid Works X7000-RM can keep all critical components, like AMD EPYC 64 core CPU and NVIDIA A100 GPUs, at 30°C lower operating temperatures compared to standard air-cooled solutions. This significant reduction in temperature positively affects the power consumption, reducing the total power draw by an impressive 10%. Due to the advanced boost algorithms taking advantage of the lowered power computation and temperatures, an increase of 6% in total performance can be observed in specific applications.

CPC QDCs inside the EK Fluid Works X7000-RM

Considering the rising energy costs, this power efficiency aspect is essential in large-scale deployments since it can significantly impact the total operating cost. The total cost of ownership is also reduced because cooler running components generally last longer, slashing service costs and downtime.

Warranty and Servicing

The EK Fluid Works Compute Series X7000-RM is covered by a 3-year Parts and Labor Warranty. During that period, EK also provides servicing kits for regular maintenance of the liquid cooling systems and replaces any failed components with prefilled assemblies (e.g., GPU and water block with tubing and QDCs) for smooth and hassle-free operation with minimal downtime.

Download the EK Fluid Works Compute Series X7000-RM Brochure.

Availability and Pricing

The EK Fluid Works Compute Series X7000-RM is available for customization and purchase through the EK Fluid Works. The base configuration starts at $18.524,00.

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